They’re so precious just sitting there aren’t they? Just cuddled up there in words and scribbles and countless beer soaked conversations? Just look at them. They all need to die. All of them there, crying out for you. They need to be put out to pasture or laid to rest. Probably more like buried alive. All our ideas are killing us. We are ideas people. We sweat ideas. They drip off the end of your nose as they infect your head with ideas of grandeur and riches and respect. They just won’t sleep. So we have to kill them. Killing Darlings are projects I’m glad I never really made but wrote out instead to lay them to rest.

An examination of urbanisation and the digitalization of our urban lives.
A journey though the history of the Iberian Peninsula from 711 – 1492 linking to local wine and food tourism through augmented reality and storytelling.
Stokken Blokken is inflatable, connectable blocks for active play for boys and girls 4-8 years.
A design for an attention currency for exchange for writing and reading
Bastion is a publishing platform which allows you to provide content in incredibly readable and browse-able slices on mobile devices.
A family’s lives expressed through their shared calendars
AI Writer is an exploration of what AI might look like when it has an interface a human writer can actually use to help them write.
Google for everything under the ground.
A tool to track conversations and help make sense of them.
The world’s first phone based tour of a mass grave for kids.
What if the characters in the book you were reading called you and told you that what you were reading was wrong?
What’s simpler than 140 characters? How about 4?
A museum-scale experience leading visitors through the interactive experience of British popular music.
An animated book brought to life as you turn the pages as you go through the book forwards and backwards.