Introducing Calendar Tales

I look at a innumberable host of calendars and shared calendars what seems to me to be at least 326 times a day. Its on my computer and its on my phone and its on a load of other people’s computers and phones. Its there so often, dripping itself into all of our internet befuddled lives that we don’t even think of it as what it is or how we use it.

We express ourselves through the pictures we post, the emails we write, the oh so well placed group chat emojis that we know are an amazing dig to that guy Steve. Most of all though we express ourselves in ways we don’t even really consider, and one of those is through shared productivity software, like calendars and lists that we know someone else is either looking at or supposed to look at.

Calendar Tales is a effort to explore writing a story through just that, probing through the lives of Lewis and Steph through the calendars they share and don’t.

Check out the project here: