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This is where it all goes. It used to be a company, or an attempt at one, now it’s what it was supposed to be all along, somewhere to put everything from design criticism to skateboarding, socio-political pontification, historical absurdism, cultural analysis to rock and roll all in the one place.


I’m a designer and writer trying to figure out how people and places collide and compromise and how to make design about making the world we got a bit better.

I grew up in a family of engineers but somehow ended up in art school. Twice.

My spirit guides are largely not interaction designers.

I’ve collaborated with researchers, designers, developers and  business teams for a wide range of clients including the Council of Europe, Samsung Design Europe, Microsoft Research, Google and Intel, helping make the technology that tells the stories of our lives.

I grew up in the Rustbelt as a child of the Balkans. I’m an immigrant for the third or fourth time and counting.

I split my time between Ljubljana, London, Istanbul and Cleveland when there’s not a global pandemic.

I believe comedy is trauma’s worst enemy.

I love email because it can be really good writing. Its yours and mine, and it works. Always. So please write me.

Shoot straight.
Speak the truth.

– Jim Kosem