The Day Life Got Tough

If there is one universal and truly understood format, it is the book. A book is intimate, allowing you to be led by the author in a controlled and slow manner, able to be absorbed by and truly immersed in the story. The only problem is that when you have a paper book, its printed, and thats it. Story over so to speak.

Adam Simpson (the guy who did the illustrations) asked me what I thought about an animated book. So I got to thinking about the writing and the storytelling process, narrative structure and all the rest and got to thinking about how you can make paper and books do a little bit more.

“The Day Life Got Tough” is a book that does just a little bit more. Its an animated book, with big letters printed on paper, but brought to life as you turn the pages through the story with animations. The story and book though not only go forward, but once you reach the end, start going backward at which point the story starts to fold in on itself.