1. George Benson “Breezing’” slams so hard it’s insane. The jazz flute just rips through your skull with a fury the Vikings couldn’t even muster. Yes, you are there lost in those cold, cool guitar licks on a yacht of ease.
  2. Vir Das “Landing” - I knew nothing about this comic until I stumbled on his Netflix special which, even if you’re not Indian and don’t get roughly 15% of the jokes which is my case, slays. I love a comic even more who puts something on the line for what they believe, but this dude has apparently been dodging death threats and arrest in India so doing that for real and then some.
  3. Swing Kids were not just a 90’s hardcore band dabbling in jazz territory a la Nation of Ulysses or even Refused, they went into it hard, flitting between Fugazi-esque bass lines, blistering guitar fury and straight up bebop interludes.
  4. “Tim’s Vermeer” is a deep and sometimes jaw dropping look into obsession by none other than the guy who founded NewTek (remember Lightwave anyone?) who spends years from zero, meaning never painted in his life, recreating a single Vermeer painting, at one point learning Dutch and rebuilding the entire painting’s set from scratch.
  5. Yes, more Vermeer, because dude killed it that much. The Rijksmuseum brings it yet once again with this endearing and gorgeous dive into various works Closer to Johannes Vermeer narrated by Stephen Fry and so calming I could cry.
  6. Ohhhhhh damn, Throughline do it again with a mind bending examination of a 1923 US immigration case fighting racism with more racism.
  7. Remember way back when, when the internet was full of dumb, generally pointless and most importantly, non com modifiable fun? That is what still is.
  8. Knowing How to get AI to Lie isn’t scary at all is it?
  9. I’m just like you. I’ve been wondering my whole damn life just how a moose sheds it’s antlers. It’s beautiful in how rare and how utterly anticlimactic it is. That’s it, sort of shakes them off.
  10. Carrying around a sketchbook everywhere but not really using it, but you know, I have arts degrees so there, I can just lug it around pretending I’m doing something with it.