1. Worst Band Ever Butchers Eric Clapton - There aren’t many cover versions that leave me properly without words. This comes damn close because words actually fail to describe this. Wait, maybe they do. The entire thing needs to be watched till the end and I’ll give you a couple extra minutes to bask in the solo around 01:20. No matter how shit you think you are at something, well, you get the gist. It’s also beautiful in how little these guys simply don’t care. They’re so comfortable with what is nothing but total and abject failure, it’s a lesson to us all really. Embrace it. Bring the sadness and absurdity to your bosom and sit back and watch your world crumble. Also, they are clearly off of their faces and probably have no idea where they even they are, much less that it was at a breast cancer awareness benefit. They simply win.
  2. This comment on the number one video, “Another brilliant spin on a rock and roll classic from this talented bunch. This one alternates between a 3.73/29 and eleventy-four/8 time signature with multiple tempo changes, featuring a calculated, microtonal solo. The vocalist explores microtones as well throughout the piece. True pioneers, I’d say.”
  3. I replied to an email, “Fuck that tree.”
  4. “Worst band ever butchers “Cocaine” once again” - They’re back at it with another rendition of the Clapton Classic. It’s obvious why Hush (don’t ask me how long it took me to dig up their name after heavy duty internet stalking) were called back to Music (the name of the venue) to perform again, albeit with what could be a slightly modified lineup and a more ripping solo this time for what looks to be autumn weather.
  5. You’re Eating Sandwiches Wrong - Sandwich Coefficient of Friction in relation to bite-force. Yes.
  6. Melonking
  7. “The Joys and Sorrows of Young Yuguo” - This tear jerker of a short documentary about a Chinese kid obsessed with Romanian literature (yes, you read that correctly) is surprisingly gripping
  8. Iridescent Ordinarymidweek cleaning binge - Not sure why this really grabbed me, but cleaning, and bing cleaning is something I fall prey to. Will cleaning solve other problems in life? Obviously not, but at least you feel like you really accomplished something unlike typing a lot.
  9. “Worn Stories” (Netflix) - Really well put together and thought out series on clothing we keep and the things they mean.
  10. Strange Notes “Good Time Song” - Cleveland’s very own Strange Notes, a band I had no idea existed, but I swear has members of a former skateshop’s house band I can’t for the life of me remember the name of, groove so well into spring with some 70’s rocking boogie that would make Bob Seger jealous. The whole album doesn’t really do it for me as well as this banger so there you are.