1. Dave Attell - One half of Bumping Mics crew, taking a cipher/dozens approach to standup, this guy is such an underrated and under appreciated force in comedy, standup and otherwise.
  2. “By Force Alone” (Lavie Tidhar) - The best description I’ve heard of this book is “King Arthur but in the first season of Narcos.” Personally, I think it’s super Westeros/ASOIAF but with drugs and gangs. In any case, there is also magic and monsters and modern dialogue and a terribly interesting angle about civilisational collapse as it’s set in Britain but just after the Romans abandoned it.
  3. The Notorious B.I.G. “Ready to Die” - Somehow I managed to inadvertently avoid some of the best 90’s east coast gangsta rap for the better part of almost three decades.
  4. Ubili su Batlera, the At the Drive-in (with forrays into early 2000’s screamo a la La Quiete) of Serbia are worth a listen for sure. Of course, they have exactly one song I’ve managed to dig up on a compilation.
  5. Radiolab: Worst. Year. Ever. - I know what you’re thinking, of course, they’re talking about 2020. Oh man, we had to stay inside and have our food delivered to us by the less fortunate, oh woes us. Nope, 536 AD apparently was where a continents-wide plague was just part of the problems, including massive eruptions and comets blocking the sun and any ability to grow food for a year and a half.
  6. Baroness “First/Second Reissue” - These albums still hit so hard, yet can’t seem to get into anything after the Red album at which point the level of prog just because tedious.
  7. KFC - I go to this fried chicken paradise usually once a year. Bear in mind the closest locations to me are in Graz, Austria where I just was driving back from and the other in Venice, Italy. Suffice to say, when I get the annual fast food fried chicken, it’s Roman level gorging that would make Nero blush.
  8. One of the shittiest winters to date will be over
  9. Porridge
  10. Nike has an app where for free you can do any exercise for anything you can imagine without leaving your home and somehow the dynamic flow yoga for hips one I like to tell myself will get me back on a skateboard on the regular