Top 10 - September, 2021

  1. “Watch the Sound with Mark Ronson” (AppleTV ) – An absolute beauty of a watching experience nerding out about the music of our times and Mark Ronson just seems like such a mellow guy it’s like you’re hanging out.
  2. Blogging – It’s pointless, I get that. I realise no one reads this really. That is fine, and that was never the point. The point was just like the zine I had way back when which was to just get things out there and into the wild and making yourself think for those couple of minutes that you’ve created some meaning for someone, anyone, out there in this blip of time that we call our world.
  3. Salad – You want to know where the real innovation is? It isn’t coming out of Silicon Valley. It’s coming in your damn salad bowl. Oh what, raisins? Walnuts you say? I’ll up that shit. Salads are blowing up. Get tossed.
  4. “On Becoming a God in Central Florida” (Netflix)
  5. “Measuring the World” (Daniel Kehlmam)
  6. “Human Kind” (Rutger Bregman) – A fascinating and direly needed examination of the idea that we as humans aren’t maybe as horrible as we think we are.
  7. QR codes – They’re here. Finally. 15 years later, the transformational promises are coming into their own. Personally, I love the menu sticker on the cafe table and this idea of the print to digital connection you’re making. Print what is worthy of waste. Passports and all that are fascinating in the idea of data being housed in an image, not just a URL.
  8. Tuna wraps
  9. Drinking coffee while standing and stationary – You might be thinking to yourself, “Jim, take a load off, just sit down, enjoy that fine looking coffee you have there.” I get that. But you know what, I spend the entirety of my life on my ass, and I don’t need any nanny state telling me how to have my coffee and deciding what to do with my life, no siree bob. I answer you fine citizens of the world, “I appreciate your forthrightness and concern, but look there is a table at this fine cafe, but it is a higher table, albeit slightly unstable, but a fine table nonetheless, and here I can stand, because it is tall, like I sort of am, and I can remain off of my ass for once in my life and look at the city in the sunshine and enjoy this.”
  10. Canada at least is trying to actually do something about it’s torrid past with Truth and Reconciliation Day