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  1. Pictures of my feet in front of a landscape
  2. Pictures of my holidays which despite the gorgeous sunshine and pristine Adriatic waters is actually filled with sunburn, crying and intermittent misery
  3. Any sales of my ultra-exclusive NFT drops because that’s totally coming next month and will blow your mind. Imagine a Supreme drop crossed with Club 54 and The Treaty of Westphalia all in one. Now imagine all that but with Chuck D telling you how amazing it is while The Brian Jonestown Massacre play backup. Also you know who else is there? Angus Young, Kurt Vonnegut and Jesus. You’re going to have to wait.

This thing should likely have a more appropriate, albeit shitty title like “Musings” or “Randomneering,” but it doesn’t and hopefully won’t. I’m not that desperate yet.

Rainbows in the Dark

I used to put the Top 10 in it’s own little headings section here in this newsletter thing and now, well, it’s relegated to just being “from the blog,” which it of course is.

Top 10 – September, 2021

I can speak volumes about the ups, downs, ins and outs of design, or rather lack thereof, and the blockchain/web3 world. The following blabbing is from the perspective of a designer who had worked around this nebulous new internet world and how we as humans can understand the design of this stuff beyond the hype.

We Can Do a Lot Better with NFT’s pt 2

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Killing Darlings

If you know me, which chances are you actually do since my organic growth on this darned newsletter is I think negative at this point, you know I’m interested in languages a lot. Bear in mind, I never said I’m that good at them, but interested.


Fine, I’ll Sort It

I don’t know where this is going, but I have a lot of half-cocked ideas about how to fix things and this is not only half-cocked but half-baked as a solution as well.

The Social Block


Campbell Orme who is awesome made some prints you should buy. They’re about the Barbican which is in London and is fairly cool, despite looking like one of Ceaușescu’s wet dreams.

Buy campbell’s prints now even though they don’t look that metal but they’re rad regardless

I still got these if anyone wants them

Super Serious Forwards

I always thought that I totally missed out on the whole Medieval and Renaissance patron thing where there is some rich guy who just pays you or at least supports you to make art. Of course I would have to at that time been extremely lucky and extremely good at art, neither of which I necessarily am. Here’s a modern and more well thought out version of that line of thinking.

On Medici and Thiel

Continuing this strain of considerations of AI not being the end of the world, Kevin Kelly presents some fantastic arguments that it won’t because most of what you read has it all wrong.

The AI Cargo Cult: The Myth of Superhuman AI

As a tuberculosis survivor (you read that right) I can attest to how shitty and deadly the disease was and continues to be, but to read about its influence on the design of what I always thought was an extremely kick ass chair was most gratifying.

The Feel-Good Recliner That Cures What Ails You

I’m Jim. My pronouns are whatever you want them to be within reason. I’ll even usually accept dude. I’m tired.

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