God vs. Cleveland: Now Available (well part of it) on Amazon

That’s right, I’m writing and designing a novel and a decent hunk of it is now available for your reading pleasure on Amazon’s Kindle Store. For $1.13 / £0.71 you get three chapters (or 21,400 words to you) in your choice of region-specific Amazon stores on your favourite (or favorite if you’re in Cleveland) device! You can of course also get a free sample as well.

Amazon.com (US and Ohio)Amazon.com (UK)

Here’s the goods in the amazing downloadable/printable PDF format.

Here’s what you get:

Chapter 1 “Rush Hour Was Never A Good Time For America” – May Day in The Mistake on the Lake – Santa is Now Officially a Dick – Waffles – Lake Erie Should Have Sharks

Chapter 2 “Blowjob and Caveman Steve” – Gary – Communism is Like a Bad Hangover, or Something Like That – Driving Mr. Yoder

There was something about him and just turned most people off, and whether it was his allegiance to the new system or the system before which was equally dysfunctional, nobody was quite sure. Either way, to most Clevelanders, his position, regardless of whether it was under a foreign occupying force or not, made him an asshole. It was a strange, inexplicable malaise towards an otherwise unassuming man and a position that was there to help. A subtle, nagging malaise and disdain for a guy that otherwise shouldn’t have it coming. He did his job well, worked hard, provided for his family, ticked all the boxes that one should in that particular place in the universe at that particular time. Some often thought that maybe it was his hair, parted harshly in the middle, but then realized it wasn’t. Others thought it might have been that bushy and greasy reddish brown mustache. Some others thought that it was his laugh, a rare and almost wheezy husky giggle, but then realized it wasn’t. What it more than likely was, was that as Labor Secretary his job was jobs, and nobody wanted to go to work anymore.

Chapter 3 “The Fat Kid Who Worked at the Gas Station” – A Man of the People – Terry’s – The Outburst

Life was back to normal, whatever that may be, relatively quickly. The lights never went out, there weren’t any roundups or anything, or at least around Cleveland for the time being and The Fat Kid at the Gas Station went back to work. The only difference, unbeknownst to the Fat Kid at the Gas Station, was that some faceless guy in Moscow was now his boss instead of some faceless guy in New York. Having been an agent of the Revolutionary Council of Northeast Ohio, who’s activities largely revolved around eating cookies he never got at home in someone’s basement and planning their revenge on the cool kids state-wide; after the invasion the universe fell out of his pudgy, silky, porcelain doll hands and he was once again just the fat kid who worked at the gas station. That fat kid, harmless looking with an eternally boyish and pimply face and tussled, brown hair, born Gavin Lunder, was now relegated to his old life of want: of both the cookies his mom wouldn’t let in the house that he had to go to a Revolutionary Council for and the girl who he could never have.