Every song sounds like a dog wearing sunglasses

This is the first and hopefully last time I will start something with a tweet. But, it is amazing, and I use that word very carefully. Believe it or not.

“I loved Van Halen so much growing up, and to be honest, I haven’t listened much as an adult. But listening all day yesterday, I realized what makes them great, every song sounds like a dog wearing sunglasses.”

Sean O’Connor

A dog wearing sunglasses is a vision of such pure, good times fun it’s without competition in the metaphor department or any other. I just checked. Just rang them up right now and the metaphor department confirmed this is the best fucking thing to describe unbridled, easy going vibes without question.

He’s talking about a song, and a Van Halen song at that. That’s comparatively easy because at least half of Van Halen’s songs create this feeling.

My question is why don’t we make design hit that hard? Why isn’t a video game that good? Frivolous and uplifting, air guitar inducing and living room high kicking inspiring? Why doesn’t your desktop make you feel like this?

You probably couldn’t handle it, that’s why. And we designers are all absolute cowards.

Suggested listening/viewing:

Van Halen - Panama (Official Music Video)

Van Halen - Ice Cream Man