1. This deliciously tedious review by a classical harpist’s first encounter with Black Sabbath, Black Sabbath is the stuff of legend. There might not be a metaphor or even a simile for how badly I want to have cookies and tea with this lady while talking about the Enlightenment and the veritable, transcendental qualities of light on morning dew in May. I so dearly want to have a life where I can just do this. So she just had a stroll in her flower garden, thinking about the nature of time, and is ready to experience something quizzically and critically, letting it all sink in until ready to examine. My life is utter bullshit compared to hers. Her pacing, her concern and the drowning in intention makes my blood boil with jealousy. One would imagine that, oh duh, she’s a classical harpist, of course her life is magnificently slow and thoughtful, and I would otherwise agree if I didn’t know a classical harpist who’s one of the more pissed off people I’ve ever known. This woman owns it all with such power and glory. Sometimes, when I have the bravery to even think about this, I want to just sit down and cry.
  2. If you were wondering where has the humanity gone, the joy in life and bathing in cutely hilarious as it is absurd, it’s in this entire backyard Mission Impossible for squirrels
  3. If you were wondering where your day is about to go, it’s going down this grand hole of list of common misconceptions. You’re welcome.
  4. “Immigrant Song” (Led Zeppelin) - This could quite possibly be the perfect song. Vikings, boogey bleeding into an almost post-punk groove, reverb, driving rhythm, John Paul Jones killing the bass line roaming the seas of woe.
  5. Firstly, there’s a site called Awesome Open Source, Secondly, the best thing ever (or 5th?) is on it, namely the Armoria Heraldry Generator and Editor where you can, assuming you’re comfortable with NPM command line installs, make wicked coats of arms for your cat.
  6. I love travel shows. A lot. But Sue Perkins’s ”Perfectly Legal” is a, despite the psychedelic ceremony thing in the Andes, an absolute delight of three episodes of her bungling about South America, getting shot and getting wasted with all the wry humour she can muster.
  7. This “The You, But Better Podcast” Ayahuasca for Breakfast takes the piss in almost uncomfortable extremes.
  8. More digging into the southern Ontario punk scene dug up Single Mothers who are such good, angry at life, straight head punk rock, a bit like a rawer version of The Bronx.
  9. The AI Bros have taken absolutely all the fun out of heavy metal with This Band Isn’t Real. May Odin wreak vengeance on them.
  10. Once you have your open source herald sorted, you can go make place for it with this tutorial on Cartography for Worldbuilders
  11. Volkswagen Transporter - I’m not a car guy at all, but lately, and likely a symptom of living in Central Europe, I’ve been noticing the clean, clear profile of the Volkswagen Transporter, the modern one that is. The old one looks like a spaceship which is of course rad, but the newer ones look like a rock you spent your childhood jumping from, solid in both memory and form, a profile as classic as it is dependable and square.