1. The Norwegian artist Jan Hakon Erichsen makes art that is generally perfomative and a large amount of which involve some sort of large, wooden contraption for trying to eat bananas in very difficult ways.
  2. Hotel stays someone else pays for – So imagine a world where you don’t go on a website and rent a flat that is essentially an Ikea showroom and where you not only have to make your own damn breakfast but the bed as well. Now imagine the opposite where you are alone in contrived luxury and where the centrepiece is a massive, fuck-off large screen TV and you not only don’t have to listen to the people you ordinarily live with but can just throw shit around and someone else replaces it with new ones when you’re not there AND you don’t even have to book it yourself.
  3. NPR
  4. This article on rap’s linguistic twists and turns
  5. The Swing Kids – Hailing from that sweet obscurity that was 90’s hardcore when it played an amateur hand at jazz, punk and blistering minute and a half songs all at once.
  6. Newsletters in general – Oh sure, RSS nostalgia is trying to make a comeback and all, and it is open/free and a very handy format but nothing quite equals a letter to you that you can keep. While many can be the equivalent of a booklet of ads you get on the weekend for home improvement shops, many are like little newspapers you get to your virtual door.
  7. Chess – I’m somehow playing an 8 year old roughly 2–3 times per day now, and while there is no glory in beating a child, there is every opportunity to be proud of using my brain for something not involving a computer interface and pure play
  8. Shankar Vedantam brings the knowledge for real on the Hidden Brain podcast, exploring how our minds and our worlds work in detail.
  9. Eleanor’s Iceberg newsletter, in particular this one about lactating egg-laying species.
  10. Artist Tricia Hersey brings us (bless her) Rest as Resistance with The Nap Ministry