1. The Hellacopters “Super Shitty to the Max” – This came out in the mid 90’s and is as relevant today as you waking up and thinking while you look out the window and contemplate that cold toast if life is worth it or not. The answer is obviously yes, because, duh, this album exists. While this Swedish rock behemoth (and YES, that’s right, members of the mighty ENTOMBED) has gone on to stadiums since this opus, the layers of grime and dirt on the guitar onslaught will always, no matter the year or how desperate your life, have you begging for more rock and roll depravity.
  2. Ice cream cones – If you ever have to wonder if you should get a cone or a cup with your ice cream you just need to stop. There are certain decisions in your life that are not that tough, yet look planet sized, outstretched and dominating your vision and mind to such an extent that life itself might become unliveable. This is not one of those situations, because of course you get the cone. This isn’t even a decision. What’s wrong with you? If anything the question that should be popping in to your mind, if not causing you outright anxiety, would be, “Why would I not get a cone if available?”
  3. Rethinking skateboarding – I’ve been doing this and not doing this thing for the past 35 years and it feels sometimes like a personal saviour and at other times like cement shoes pulling me to the bottom of a New Jersey pond. I thought I quit finally, but then got this advice from a friend very far away, “Just pretend like you are starting again, but you will progress much quicker as you already know how to do it. I just like carving about doing Ollies and a few tricks here and there. I don’t care as I know what I’ve done on a skateboard, I know what I’ve made and unless I go skating nearly everyday those tricks ain’t coming back but so what?”
  4. A horse in Iceland answering your emails
  5. Not intermittent fasting – I tried it like everyone else and their mother and ended up eating twice as much during this magical eating window like the base mammal I am.
  6. The Big Think (newsletter)
  7. TV Freaks “People – If there is one thing my internet sleuthery can accomplish, it’s finding which random person was in which obscure band so I can then go on to obsess about them. My investigations have lately taken me into the suburban Canadian bowels of the Hamilton, Ontario underground and found this lot who while having members of what are now Anxious Pleasers, bring the rock in a more post-punk head bobbing way.
  8. Anthem Eighty Eight “Define a Lifetime” – I’ve managed to go the last two decades not knowing about both the guitarist and drummer of Assück’s ripping, vaguely youth crew classic hardcore efforts post grind. I can’t decide whether to smash the state or create a change when I listen to this, but one thing I know for sure is that it makes ice cream that much better.
  9. Sideshow “Admit One – Floating all over the place on a generally unstoppable reggae backbone, this ranges from straight up dub to electro, your chest might cave in from the bass
  10. Chelsea Carmichael – If Modesky, Martin and Wood had a hangover but in a really gut punching in a good way way