Interesting (INTR)

There was a running joke a long time ago in a certain august, British, art institution I may have attended at some point about a currency nobody outside of the design industry knew about.

This was a particularly innovative currency, way ahead of its time and way before Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency even. With this particular currency, if you were a young(ish) designer living and working in London let’s say, a particular job didn’t necessarily have to pay you exclusively, if at all, in British Pound Sterling, but in “Interesting.”

We’ve all been there, the cool client or the hotshot company says something along the lines of, “Well, we don’t have budget to pay you necessarily, but it’s really good Experience (EXP) and Interesting (INTR) and would be good for your portfolio (PRTF).”

Look you’re being paid in three currencies for one job! Wow, what a score! Of course none of these would ever be really money, you know like the stuff you can pay your bills with.

It was always a joke. These days it could be a thing of equally debatable value. Which obviously means a cryptocurrency. Just taking a cursory look online, it doesn’t seem all that hard to actually make this. And it would still be worthless. Probably. Because so are promises of the fulfilment by doing work for free.