1. Firstly, there is an Excel World Championship which deserves number one in my list anytime. Secondly, there is an actual Excel World Championship. Competitive Excel is a thing at a global level. You read that correctly. He got a belt. Bless.
  2. So you’re looking for an open source repository to show you how to train a crow are you? I mean it is the holiday season isn’t it? Well, here you are.
  3. The Spyrals “Out of Sign” - Oh man, the psych fuzz drips like the reverb echoes on this garage-rock trip.
  4. Christmas on the Moon is an entertaining and very well written memoir of a teenage job in the South guarding explosives over Christmas. Put that under your tree.
  5. The Last Free Place in America | Slab City - The reason you or I even watch documentaries, well besides to not think about life, is to immerse yourself in someplace or situation in which you will likely never find yourself. Most fail miserably at this and end up being presenter ego trips. This documentary does not do that. A true fly on the wall, there is no judgement, no commentary, just residents talking and getting by in one of the more messed up places I’ve ever seen. But I found myself completely entranced the whole time.
  6. The video game juggernaut Valve banned a toxic user by sending him a lump of coal gift in a game that when he opened it (and wouldn’t any of us) got him banned for his behaviour.
  7. The Rest is History: The Fall of the Aztecs - This is a wonderful death march of a history podcast series, but if you have a weird obsession with this very event, well then get on it already because it’s the classic convivial banter with deep history nerdery.
  8. Guy in VR talks about their worst day as a soldier is one of the more messed up things I’ve ever watched, yet is so quiet and thoughtful as a fantasy character avatar of a veteran gunner talks to Winnie the Pooh in VR about post traumatic stress disorder.
  9. Fish Bike
  10. Public Access Memories - This is a an online biennial sort of thing. Very weird, but so net-art I love it. Just get lost looking at stuff. That’s it.