1. Curb Your Enthusiasm s09e04 - This particular half hour oozes cringe from every pore in a way that no other half hour of television I’ve ever seen can in such a hilarious way. To be put in the place of thinking to yourself how big of an asshole this guy is, while laughing your ass off and realising just how absurd most of life is anyhow, so who’s the asshole sort of thing.
  2. Eurovision - I don’t know how to express to my American brothers the joy and beauty that comes every May with the Eurovision Song Contest, where most European countries along with inexplicably Australia and Israel, battle it out with enough glitz, glam, camp and absurdity to choke an elephant. Sure, 2022’s debut of the American Song Contest is an okay attempt, but can you match the unrivalled insanity of Finland’s “Cha Cha Cha”? The answer is no.
  3. Beer & Weed Magazine is a real magazine. Enough said.
  4. Conway the Machine - So damn East Coast Boom Bap straight to yo brain you could swear you were there getting blunted with RZA while the danger narratives play out. No in da club, just straight up chugging and thugging about everything from slinging cain to every day realness in bad situations that is almost timeless. And if you were wondering about provenance of rap styles and thug life, dude sounds the way he does half because his face is half paralysed from being shot three times.
  5. Wilson Pickett - “The Exciting Wilson Pickett” - File under where the fuck has soul this good that I sort of knew but not really this been my whole life and why now category.
  6. Grand Funk Railroad were always ones of those names you hear thrown around in a back yard. But that back yard can be that stoner dude’s who your coworker used to buy weed off of OR it could be that one old rocker with a well appointed mid-century decorated colonial supported by a solid job in the legal industry. It crosses that many boundaries so firmly and way beyond “We’re an American Band.”
  7. Norseman - If there is one thing Scandinavia is not known for, it’s comedy. But this is just sort of so insane, yet so subdued with subtle references to modern life while being absolutely deadpan hilarious it’s almost head spinning. Casually joking about slavery or fashion having no context or personality. That sort of thing.
  8. After spending a fair amount of one’s life in the suburban sprawl wasteland that is much of the Midwest, and likewise having grown up wondering why I had to spend every damn Saturday cutting tons of grass we never used, I have a deep appreciation for the No Lawns movement (if you can call it that).
  9. The Anarchists ep04 - This series is a fantastic take down of the prequel to the crypto hype and the anarchy-capitalist scene in cartel land. But once you get to this episode and not only do the dreams fall apart, and the bodies start piling up, but you find out two of the main characters are from Cleveland you could have totally known them.
  10. This Trained Singer Teaches Metal Bands How To Scream (HBO)