Top 10 - March 2020

  1. Anger, paramount nervousness and misplaced rage which finally settles you down into a hopeless ambivalence as you just plain give up about this whole damn thing we as a species are now collectively in. Then repeat.
  2. People suddenly realising that remote design is totally possible which I’ve been saying for years. Did I tell you so? The answer is yes and just give me these only two seconds I will ever have to say I told you so. It’s been done well and we can do it even better if we put our heads to it.
  3. “Vacationland” by John Hodgman – This book will make you laugh, or at the very least smirk to yourself so much someone will look at you every five minutes and ask what the hell you’re reading that is so good. This guy can write a sentence that will wrap around your head for days despite the fact that he’s mainly writing about doing not much of anything in Massachusetts and Maine.
  4. New Bomb Turks “At Rope’s End” – This is such an inhumanly rocking good album that aged so damn well I swear you can listen to this, rock out there in your chair while you type into the ether, look out the window and not even think about the global pandemic enveloping our lives without mercy. I also think about ages ago, when the singer could have in theory by some fates been my brother in law, which is a shitty thing to say because I love my brother in law immensely. But come on, this is The New Bomb Turks here. There is no wrong answer. There is no shame. Oh yeah, did I mention they are Clevelanders even? Can you handle it? No you probably can’t.
  5. Washing hands until it hurts and not using moisturiser because it makes me tough or mainly because I’m stupid and have a lot of masculinity issues or something
  6. Radio FIP – Beautifully random French radio from Nantes. I mean a quantum computing level of random that still has MIT’s head’s spinning. Will go from from obscure samba to an entire Doors album to dub in one glorious swoop. It’s on the internet so do it now.
  7. Kvelertak “Splid” – This is the new album with the new singer. Despite being almost a half letdown, it is still Kvelertak which means they could pretty much do whatever they wanted and it would still be a hundred times better than anything I would ever accomplish in my life.
  8. Not going outside for days and losing track of what day it is.
  9. The utter, hilarious shambles of trying to maintain work at home and now all the sudden being expected to be a teacher as well.
  10. Black Pistol Fire “Deadbeat Graffiti” – Toronto-born, Austin-based roots rock duo that rock as if The Black Keys really were into psychedelics and never lost the rawness but could still play