Top 10, Jan 2022

  1. Snowboarding
  2. In the Land of Good Living: A Journey to the Heart of Florida (Kent Russel) I’ve already gone through great pains for this book and maybe this is already why I love it so and gorged through 10% of it in my first go. I positively adored I Am Sorry to Think I Have Raised a Timid Son, Russell’s first book which holds the auspicious title of the only book I’ve ever read twice. But this new one I first could not get on Kindle outside of the US, then finally got around to trying to get around that, and then waiting, putting it off, and then three shitty abandoned books later, after cross Atlantic shenanigans, hackery and even crypto payments I got my hands on it, and would gladly do the same again. Imagine a literary swarmed stoner buddy film, but with the reincarnation of Hunter S Thompson at the ridiculous helm, creating hilarious digs at life, America, all of it in between with sentences you read over and over again, and not because they are complex, but because they are that good.
  3. Hannah Gadsby – Easily my, and now yours, favourite lesbian, Aussie comedian specialising in art history
  4. Janelle James – Brutally good and as slightly unnerving as she is hilarious
  5. Non-English standup comedy
  6. Bar soap
  7. Open web3 asset protocols for the Somethingverse – So this whateververse thing is apparently happening whether we like it or not, although if you ask me, it’s been here for ages in games, but I digress. The thing is, if we’re talking about virtual space and place, we are also talking about things in and on those spaces and places. Our overlords aim to own every bit of this which is something we have to not allow and web3 methods and tech are one of the few ways to do this.
  8. Installing via terminal
  9. Buddy Rich
  10. Peace “Black Power” – More Zam-rock soul groove from the 70’s to your brain