Top 10 - December

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Snow – I’ve loved it ever since I could remember as a kid and have no idea how I lived so long without it in the UK. This is tempered with a warming earth and the notion of it coming less and less every year. Bittersweet.

DIY skateparks in Autonomous Cultural Zones – Rog Ljubljana is still killing it with 3 different indoors park and apparently 1-2 private ones I haven’t even seen all within an old bike factory that is part anarchist commune, part underground cultural centre.

Altın Gün – Persistent head bobbing funk with touches of Italo disco covering largely Turkish folk songs from Amsterdam. Just damn solid and nice. Aferım.

Russell Davies blog – One of the damn nicest dudes on the planet, with a great blog harkening to the days before all this social media nonsense. He also knits and sells wool baby blankets. So winning on so many levels, yet if he heard you say that would just look slightly askance and chuckle.

P2P – Who would have known this is still a thing, although all of us obviously know its what’s behind blockchain actually, but that it can succeed something as massive as HTTP

Svalbard – Ripping blackened hardcore with female vocals from Bristol with heaping dashes of crust-core and Gothenburg melodic death metal, all with social issues at the fore. I have no idea how I didn’t know about this band before.

Pixelmator Pro – An upgrade I just recently made the jump on as the discounts for Black Friday were too hard to resist. Solid image editing, nice stripped down and just-enough UI. Light feeling and powerful.

Imarhan – The new Tuareg Desert Blues upstarts bring it swinging from Algeria’s Sahel. Listening to this makes me want the desert so bad at least for a bit.

The Pirate History Podcast – The guy Matt who puts this out is a beast. I can’t keep up with the almost weekly output of ribald tales of the Golden Age of Piracy investigating everything from the VCO to concepts of “Hostis humani generis”

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