Top 10 - December 2021

  1. Not celebrating holidays you’re not really that into anymore and then realising that you have a family and all that nonsense so you do it anyhow and then drink tons
  2. Being okay with hating Christmas – It’s not just the crass commercialisation and despicably gross levels of conspicuous consumerism rife with every form of self hatred that gets it. Okay it is largely that, but it’s the expectation, the promise and the letdown. Christmas is your 2nd grade teacher telling you that you can be president someday and then waking up 40 years later and just the ordinary office schmuck like everyone else.
  3. The Peace “Black Power” – Psych/garage rock from Zambia ca. 1975 that should knock your socks off. As a massive fan of geographically obscure music, 70’s Zamrock is by far one of the most grooving, genuinely rocking and authentic rabbit holes I’ve managed to find myself in. This only adds to the severity of the need for me to find a Zamrock documentary or otherwise enough documentation about why Zambia and not Kenya for instance? Anyhow, while you’re at it check out Witch “The Introduction”
  4. Converge “The Dusk in Us”
  5. Snow
  6. Looking at snow
  7. Reading perhaps way too much about the Protestant Reformation changing the world in insane ways we’re just realising
  8. Trio Tekke “Ta Reggetika” – More twists from Cyprus on updating my beloved rebetiko. Super listenable, and well, Greek just sounds cool.
  9. Tom Sachs – This guy’s work is ridiculous in every complimentary notion of the word.
  10. Fugazi – I grew up on this band, and still like them just as much a quarter of a century later