Halfman x Team Eagle vs Mancrush James Palmer Pro Model Out Now

I’ve spent roughly the past 34 years doing the wrong thing. When I was 14, my dream was to design skateboard graphics. I’m now 48 and just getting around to it.

Halfman, in collaboration with Team Eagle vs Mancrush Skateboarding presents its first pro model, the James Palmer park mauler. At 8.0“ x 32” even, the heel flips will just roll off of your feet without even trying.

The graphics are based on an epic conversation with Team Eagle pro rider James “Heat Beak” Palmer one likely extremely baked night in a kitchen in Bethnal Green, London. Over a decade later I still had the notes for the graphics he said I should do in what was probably the third text format in a decade. It was this amazing combination which now features on his pro deck, which I got around to doing 14 years later.

  • A chicken
  • Heavy metal lettering
  • Louis Vutton logos