This is like a TED Talk!

You would be surprised by the amount of people who tell me in all sorts of meetings, “Wow, this is like a TED talk!”
I suppose in some way it could be, that is using regular mobile phones to teach kids about mass graves in their back yards, but it never will be. There isn’t the change the world potential scientist or Silicon Valley wunderkind or even the charming old poet that nobody actually knows or whoever. This is why it will never be on TED. Because TED is really good at making people feel good and not necessarily about telling people about things that make them feel bad.

I’ve had since its inception a weird relationship with TED. At first you get all excited about all these people with all these interesting ideas spouting off and spewing warm, fuzzy love and roses through that little video box on your computer. Then you realise that its Bono talking about forgiving Third World debt before he shuttles off to another country in his private jet to dodge more taxes.