This will largely only make sense as a thing if you know me, Jim, the purveyor of this fine newsletter. When I’m not busy writing novels no one will read, I’m writing such groundbreaking screeds such as this newsletter and a monthly Top 10 list and variously inconsistent polemics about random things. That said, welcome to the best 5 minutes of your day.

Previous issues had pictures, but I’m too tired at this point in my life to read the news of yet another pointless war, much less put in graphics. Herein lies text and only text and a tiny bit of escape. Your therapist will thank you.

The reviews are in

“I don’t delete right away.” (Subscriber and apparent not reader in London)

Three things…

…that you should do right now for your own self care damn it

  • Find yourself a couch, any couch really, and sit in it, but sit really poorly, casting anything you ever learned about posture or self respect to the wind, and stare. Just stare. Doesn’t matter at what you’re staring. Think about beer. Just picture it later in your hand.
  • Think about when you were 22 and how much you cared about most things
  • Ponder this ripper of a quote by Ursula Le Guin, “We live in capitalism, its power seems inescapable – but then, so did the divine right of kings.”


You are now about knee deep in this newsletter. That means there is still time to get out. You could of course, delete this like some may. But you don’t, because you know the level of revelation herein is biblical in scope and power.

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As ever there is a Top 10 for February which will blow your socks off.

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Winter special

I love snowcats. I want to ride in one before I die if possible. Please if anyone has any ideas let me know. Watch this gripping report from Cleveland local news WKYC about living my dream for the fine folks of Northeast Ohio.

The Jim Kosem Short Story Explosion

These are short stories. They won’t take a lot of work for you Dear Reader. They won’t annoy you because they are all roughly 600–900 words which should take you maybe three to five minutes to read. These form the corpus so far of The Jim Kosem Short Story Explosion and will change your life at some point. Not necessarily for the better.

Let’s think about that. Three to five minutes is the same amount of time it takes you to do all the good things in your life like go to the bathroom, smoke a cigarette, stalk an ex online or toast bread.

Here’s to you and here’s to the short things that mean something in life. Here’s to The Jim Kosem Story Explosion and 723 words, or otherwise 3 minutes of reading about an old man shitting on the Prime Minister’s doorstep.

When Dairy Means Revenge: pt2 Chocolate Milk

You can read the previous part here.

Things I Should Have Called Myself

“Cultural Designer”

That’s what I should have said I was. It means you design actual things, as in things that produce or contribute towards cultural, visual, textural, literal or otherwise and then that actual culture. Damn, should have thought about that ages ago. To imagine the outstretched power something like this title would have. Also, imagine how many people might actually believe it’s a thing.

File this under Sad, Software-based Realisations.

I tell people I’m a designer. My kid asked me what I do at work, and then said, “You type a lot for going to art school.”

Awesome Facts

The likely Mongol people’s of the Steppe long ago realised something I had no clue of. If you ate yoghurt with/after spoiled meat or rotten vegetables it will curdle in your stomach and make you purge it out instantly. Amazing. Thank you ancient Steppe peoples, I love you. Generally speaking that is.

Super Serious Forwards

The death of meaningful work is not what you think, it’s about looking at the death of the concept of “meaningful work” which you could say a.) Never existed, b.) Does not exist for most job that are available and c.) Does not exist in almost all domains.

This is basically every physical computing project every done but in actual reality

Something to Ponder

Why have so few bands covered Guns n Roses?


Halfman endorses: Chocolate spread, The Midnight Miracle podcast, sketchbooks, late afternoon decaf coffee, What3Words, snowcats, wine bags, nußschnecken and Kärnten/Koroška.

Ride, shoot straight, speak the truth.

– Jim