How Big Is It

So the thing I couldn’t decide about this gem of an idea was would the road to riches be paid in gold or cold hard cash. Lambo or stretch Hummer? Who can decide these things, especially when there is a Bilzerian horde of oiled bikini-clad women feeding you grapes and pouring Cristal down your gullet? And who feeds the tiger anyhow?

The idea is as stupidly simple as the name. You see a thing online with dimensions and weight, meaning a physical thing on Amazon let’s say, and then you go to the website and see what that really means. This lamp is about 3/4 the size of an average person and weighs the same as a bowling ball. There would be some practical measures, like heights of man, but also fun ones, like size of a chicken. You would click the link and see that the cast iron skillet you need to order for your wife is quite heavy, let’s say about 1.2 cats.

How big roughly is that “Hair Removal Device with Satin Compact Pen Trimmer, 2 Attachments for Body and Face, Corded Use?” Well the package is about shoe box and it weighs about the same as a cat.

This is the rub though, because standardised weights are measures are fantastic, and you will not find a bigger fan of global metric standards than myself, sometimes you just a more human way to think about these products that we humans are supposed to be shipping, opening, holding and putting on a shelf.