Foreigners! A design solution

Everyone is talking about foreigners. This side of the Atlantic, the other side, The Continent – everywhere. Here in the UK, they’re talking about forcing companies to publish lists of their foreign employees.

Lists are useful, and lists on the internet are even better so everyone, everywhere can see where these scoundrels are as they suck the lifeblood of brave and pure Britain dry. I don’t think it will work. Foreigners are here working on the internet! I can vouch for this, I am one.

So publishing these lists is clearly not enough. Thats why I suggest, oh I don’t know, some symbol that foreigners would have to wear all the time in public. That way all non-foreigner people, especially the white ones, can feel safe.

Britain is used to signs on things that declare their status. When you’re learning to drive a car, you’ve got a nice little “L” notifying the general public that you’re a “Learner.”

We could do the same, and perhaps it’s our job as designers to do so. I’ve come up with this design, this public service really, that all foreigners wear this cute, little and obviously harmless badge on their persons in public at all times. It’s just like “Learner,” easy to understand and red on white. As you know, triangles are excellent for calling attention to things, so no, no other symbolism going on with that at all.

So be careful out there. Stand vigilant, but assured, that design can help you spot and respond to distinct and clearly marked danger.