5 Easy Steps to Building a Storytelling Software Platform

he Internet is full of advice. Loads of it. Most of it is usually in the form of a numbered list which will show you how to transform your life, your job, your industry and the universe in general. A couple of people out there might be wondering how you could do something just like Bastion. Well, wait no longer, here is the definitive list of things you need to do.

  1. Spend approximately one year writing a novel that you think people could read in a new way, but not be quite sure what that means.
  2. Spend an additional year designing and prototyping an interactive comedy-novel about a 17th-century siege and start talking to anyone who will pretend to listen.
  3. Ask yourself incessantly if it all would have been easier if you just wrote a regular sort of book instead of trying to reinvent the book.
  4. Spend a lot, if not most, of the time not knowing what you are doing.
  5. Continue making software as best as you possibly, talking to anyone you can, and keep on keeping on.