10 Things: December 2016

  1. Travel shows with a single guy visting exotic and interesting places are bulllshit. It’s too easy. Try it with two kids and I will gladly pay to watch, and so would countless others.
  2. Cannons seem to bring together the most unlikely people in conversation
  3. Working on things that matter stop mattering if they’re not very interesting anymore.
  4. There are a surprising amount of games that deal with borders and bureaucracy
  5. Simit still can’t top a bagel
  6. Doom metal in Spain. Why? Is it the economic situation? Why does slow, depressing, albeit damn righteous music exist in such a seemingly beautiful place?
  7. Islamic Marxists talking about Hipsters. Best conversation I’ve heard.
  8. Scott Adams can write well but seriously needs a better editor to cut out the faff
  9. For five days my diet consisted largely of schnapps, various types of dried pork and red wine. Najlepše hvala Slovenija!
  10. A very simple formula for urban revitalisation in the Balkans: Copy everything they do in Germany. Case study Ljubljana shutting the entire old town to cars.