This is my world right now. Vienna. Vienna in 1683 that is.
Why I’m, almost wrote trying to, making a comedy app-novel about the 1683 Ottoman Siege of Vienna is a complex question and one I tried to explain to numerous people, from former colleagues, my wife, the urban archeology department of the Vienna Museum and Ottomanists in Istanbul. I still have yet to try to explain this to my mom, but we’ll leave that for now.

It started with a book review of Andrew Wheatcroft’s “Enemy at the Gate” which I got that day and then read pretty much straight through. Then of course I started on the Google and Wikipedia manhunt on the various characters.

Then I got this.

Then I thought to myself, I think I might be on to a good story.

So here I am a year later with roughly 24,000 words on my hands, trips to Vienna and Istanbul imminent and an excruciating battle with the (re)design of the app.