Stories are how how we deal with the world. Now lets use them to make things better.

The Story Recombinator Workshop takes the participants through a half or full day of engaging and fun exercises where they learn to use story and design techniques to develop innovative products and services that work for people.

Some of what’s covered:

  • Why stories matter so much and how you can use them in your work
  • Empathy building
  • Understanding conflict as a narrative tool to understand tensions in what you’re designing and developing
  • Framing and interaction models with digital products and services
  • Designing services that are not easy to get through and connect with users, but are memorable

Participants will come out of the workshop refreshed and with a new outlook on how digital products and services are developed. On top of that they’ll have a whole gaggle of design tools under their respective belts to make what they’re working on work better for people.

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Photo in Story Recombinator Victor Rodriguez