Where a Creator Stands with Machine Learning and AI

If you were to ask me where a creator stands with all this ability to generate whatever-the-hell-you-want with a simple line, I would tell you on top and at the bottom.

I think that the pushback hasn’t even begun, and just like we still use vinyl and buy wooden spoons, that people will cherish and value human made images, songs and films even more now. The true artisans, that is the ones with an exceptional knack and eye and work ethic will probably be able to continue to craft and make art in some way, shape or form for a living. Those at the bottom will remain there because their efforts will still be cheaper than the machines.

The mediocre middle will be largely hollowed out. And this is the horrible part actually, because those in the middle of which I certainly am part of, are the ones that in theory should maybe have a shot at the top. More importantly, these are the ones with the most heart and the least luck. Throughout our human history, the mediocre have had a big chance to practice, practice, practice and then potentially rise. This will likely not be possible anymore as the notion of craft, of being the understudy mixing the paint for the master while catching his tricks to turn into your own future mastery, just might be dead in the water.