1. Lelee - Fantastic and amazing live post-punk, indie-ish power from my sort of second home Ljubljana, and doing it proper yugo by singing in Croatian.
  2. Busta Rhymes "The Fuse is Lit" EP - Dude is still killing it. Actual decades after Native Tongues, he's gone hard and drifted well off the conscious tip with things, but this is slamming.
  3. Time Guesser - I like the idea of games more than actual games, but as a history nut, pretty damn fun.
  4. Jimmy McGriff "The King of Jazz Organs" - Man, you need this if you dig Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio or The Meters.
  5. The Chats "Get F**cked" - Aussie punk kids like when you were 14
  6. Oakland, CA - I've never been there and just spent a couple of days there, and well, it's Cleveland with palm trees but also looks half like a refugee camp. And amazing DIY skateparks. It brought me back to my first love.
  7. "The Rehearsal" - Such a weird and not quite cringe but subtly uncomfortable reality but actually too much reality show
  8. The Sonic Dawn - Danish psychedelic rock
  9. Supaman AKA by an incredibly badass name of Christian Parrish Takes the Gun does First Nations rap. Classic boom-bap in general, but the native instruments and old school AKAI drum machine is something damn nice, different and a voice you never otherwise hear especially in hip hop.
  10. Goat Explosion - Right, so the name. They win there and you know you have to listen to it just because of that. Well if you were wondering who's taken on the mantle of true roots metal since The Sword's early efforts, a firm contender is Goat Explosion.