1. Will Blades - Ruling jazz organ. That’s it. Thanks Tom, your recommendations hit it as always.
  2. Marlowe 3 - Floating somewhere between MF Doom and Del tha Funky Homosapien?, but more than retread with layers of butter smooth, utter warm melodious flow from North Cackalacky.
  3. Natural air conditioning AKA wind over water
  4. Is there a perfect playlist? The Complete Blue Note ‘Big’ John Patton - Grant Green - Ben Dixon comes fucking close.
  5. The Real Housewives of Clapton - This will probably only make sense if you live or have ever lived in North or East London, at which point it still will barely make sense. Just stick with it, because the deluge of absurdity of inside references to olive brands, gentrification and failed big city aspiration will make you giggle.
  6. This Baltimore Sexy Goth and Raiders Fan home - There are combinations that warm hearts and launch fleets and this exaltation to two things that one would imagine go together like chalk and cheese is one of them.
  7. “Empire” podcast
  8. Ghost City Avenue S - I have no idea what this is. Net art maybe? Clicking art? Zine? No clue. Love it.
  9. The Mars Volta - Just what are they? Prog? Post-hardcore? Latin? Free jazz? Fusion whatever that means? All of the above really. Somehow I think their music is designed for summer. Don’t ask me to explain why.
  10. And What Happened Next Documentary - You’ve been there. I know you have. Your faith in humanity long gone, the night sliding towards zero but not quite ready to lay your weary head, but quite ready for your brain to be deadened a bit without any external aid, which is this. That is a documentary about the rehash of “Sex and the City” which apparently the world needs more than ever right now. More fantasy than a world of dragons and elves.