1. A pub, any pub, in Southwark London with James Palmer after an impromptu architectural tour starting at St Pauls and ending in council estates. Best day ever. Hugs.
  2. The Truth Behind ‘Birds Aren’t Real’
  3. The Mixtures “Stompin’ at the Rainbow” - Hard hitting, foot tapping, early 60’s R&B
  4. The Clamps “Blend, Shake, Swallow” - Raw and dirty punk and roll from Italy which reminds me a whole hell of a lot of The Helicopters earlier releases.
  5. Doug Stanhope - Imagine if Bill Burr was really, and I mean really disappointed in humanity. And drunk. Basically, always. And wearing charity shop clothes. This is Doug Stanhope. He goes where one shouldn’t, well at least not in public at any rate, but his anger takes you through it giggling uncomfortably.
  6. A channel dedicated to exploring the 18th Century lifestyle. - I’m not sure why I like this. Sure, I’m a history nerd, that much is plain as day, but this is something else. There’s no battles and maps and that, just cooking two hundred years ago and dressing like that and well, being a real person but a long time ago without all the glory and bloodshed.
  7. Piadina - Is it bread? Is it a wrap material? Who cares. It’s awesome and you need it.
  8. Acceptance that the weather is changing in ways we can’t imagine and can not individually do much about in a single action
  9. Interpol - A Fine Mess EP - Really reminiscent of the earlier material and not like their slightly boring lull, and thus damn good. Makes you sort of wish they hit it and quit it, but good on them for still putting out damn quality releases.
  10. No Such Thing as a Fish podcast