1. Hammocks - They’re amazing. You know it. I know it. Oh, you want to relax like you’ve not relaxed in ages do you? So go outside. Now. Find two trees or posts or whatever. Tie up a hammock and wonder why you didn’t do this before.
  2. Uno - You know the game, it requires very little skill, but you sort of have to pay attention, but not too much. So it’s perfect basically. You can play it drunk, or with children, or both if you’re lucky.
  3. Karlovačko - The working class beer of the Republic of Croatia does it again for one summer. Combine with hammock to win.
  4. Burek - Oh sweet delicious baked good of the Balkans and Near East, where would we be without you?
  5. Croatian EU integration - I can drive there without changing money or showing any sort of documentation. They get to have me even quicker and easier than before to grace their shores and corner shops. They win. I win. Europe wins. We all win.
  6. Emily Garthwaite photography - Deep, slow, miles deep introspection captured on a lens. A single image and you’re there.
  7. The Rest is History podcast
  8. Toxic Reasons - Ripping, grooving, mid 80’s hardcore punk about all the good stuff like Reagan, revolution and all that. Fast. Loud. More.
  9. Shake Junt - I think they make grip tape, or bolts. Their videos are more giving each other pounds and bumps than skating. Awesome.
  10. Painting with John (Netflix) - Dude paints watercolours in some jungle locale. He was at some point a semi-famous jazz player. He talks while painting. I don’t even know, but give it a go if you just need to relax in a really weird way. Oh and he does the painting so you don’t have to, but you know, your brain makes you think that you did something. Double win. You may want to pair with Karlovačko or some other local crushing mediocre lager.