1. In these dark times, there is nothing to salve the soul than Danzig. But nothing will quite quiet and cool the world as it turns and burns as much as the astounding Danzig Shopping List.
  2. Russel Hicks - I have a special place in my heart for anyone from the US who can live in Britain for extended periods of time and bi-continentally take the piss to extremes. I saw this comedian originally murder at the Edinburgh Fringe Fest ages ago. So amazing in fact that I think I went back that week and saw him do it again at least two more times. Almost all improv, the crowd work is a marvel to behold, almost as if he knows who is in the crowd, what they’ll say and how they’ll react with clairvoyant ability, and make it hilarious as hell.
  3. The HTML Review - The Internet is saved? Maybe? Maybe just a brief, flash in the pan attempt to bring back the naivety and honest of the early web? You tell me, but this is the sort of thinking and honest exploration of networked words and images and ideas that drew me into the idea of the Internet, or rather more specifically the browser, as a medium. Do you remember when you would just get sent weird websites of poems that you would just look at for a while? When there was no point except to explore and just kill time while someone made a thing? That.
  4. “How to with John Wilson” is so real and so weird that you just want to sit in it for a while and get lost. So you learn about scaffolding or John’s landlord, or watch with him some random guy who he got to teach him how to make risotto. The random assortment of concerns, views and vignettes take you through the real New York of grit and determination like nothing I’ve ever really seen before so well you can almost smell the place.
  5. “Curb Your Enthusiasm” - Do this. Watch one episode a night. Then go to bed because life is just that absurd.
  6. Haexler - “Wage, Work” - Any band that agrees to an encore with, “We are informed that the police may come, we will therefore play two songs of 38 seconds,” is basically tops in my book. These East German power violence master brought it so fast and hard (this entire album is 9 minutes by the way) when I saw them a couple of weeks ago at the local Autonomous Cultural Zone my head is still spinning.
  7. The Olympians - Soul, soul, soul from NYC.
  8. “Los Espookys” (HBO Max) - Such a wonderfully odd show mainly in Spanish but then randomly in English with everyone understanding each other about some young goth horror film fans in what is likely Mexico City and their wacky adventures.
  9. DJ Kaboo “Arab Trap” - Sort of what it says on the tin.
  10. Yup, a Passover themed cover of Metallica’s “Creeping Death”(duh, spot on historical-textual relevance) from Two Minutes to Late Night and nope, no goys allowed.