Top 10 - Oct2022

There was a plan, a best laid plan of course, where this was a click I would track and see how amazing the monthly Top 10 is performing, but I’ve never really done that, so here we are.

  1. If you were wondering about knobs in general and how efficient one may be compared to the next today, or about potential signs of the collapse of academia, you may want to read about this Japanese teams research into knob turning
  2. I generally hate the idea advertising, but every now and again someone comes out with something so honestly funny like The Hans Brinker Budget Hotel advertising campaigns that it makes all of it okay. Hats off to the Dutch yet once again.
  3. 00:01:52 onwards of “Guilford Fall” by Fugazi
  4. Elder - Just about all of it. Everything they’ve ever done essentially. Psychedelic, heavy space rock/metal for the ages. Both fantasy and space themes? Check. Riffs that will move as much as they pummel you in hazed groove? Check.
  5. The Netflix is a Daily Joke podcast is clips from basically any standup special Netflix has, but in 3–7 minutse, so you know, way quicker than watching the thing, and in convenient podcast format.
  6. Best design website ever by Jonny Thaw who is awesome and nice.
  7. Billed as "The American Led Zepplin, Cactus bring it so hard it’s insane.
  8. If you for some reason don’t know what to call your band Jonny Thaw has done it again with this epic tool
  9. The graphic design of Anthony Burrill just does it. Remember, make the letters bigger.
  10. The brains behind “Web3 is Going Great” Molly White breaks down blockchain solutionism at this guest lecture at the University of Texas at Austin