Top 10 - November 2020

  1. Uno – Yup, the game. It’s fun for all ages, drunk, sober, lockdown or not. You don’t have to think a lot, but there’s really minimum attention or strategy possibilities which make it great.
  2. HTML by hand – Recently I’ve decided to kill an iOS app (sordid history to follow on this blog) and decided to rebuild it entirely by hand in HTML/CSS. I basically made a website by hand it was so damn satisfying to make a thing.
  3. Chuck Johnson “Velvet Arc” – Spooky and atmospheric steel guitar
  4. Pinboard – You know you’ve got some really big first world problems when you’re overcome like I was by the inexhaustible options and concerns about what to do with bookmarks. This thing basically does it more or less. More than that, it looks like it’s from 2004 which I think was the last time they updated the interface, and I’m sure it will be around thus way longer than any of these other things and accessible from anywhere.
  5. Butter – Wait so hold on just one damn minute, not only does this creamy goodness make toast actually worthwhile but you can cook basically anything with it? What sort of sorcery is this anyhow?
  6. Mastodon – Anything and everything they’ve ever recorded. The prog-sludge beasts have trampled through so many genres of music, slipping between head bobbing feel good rock to floor scraping metal for the past two decades they deserve a medal. They did a concept album about Moby Dick. What have you done?
  7. Simon Rich “The World of Simon Rich” – Hilarious, super short stories. I don’t want it to end.
  8. Miro – I use this in fits and spurts and when I really stop and think about, it’s amazing. No more whiteboard, there goes one of the last excuses for having an office.
  9. George R R Martin “Fire and Blood – Somehow in the midst of far away political turmoil and upheaval a continent away I found a way to calm my brain by digging into the politics of a monarchal dynasty that never was in a world that never existed.
  10. Outlaw Order – An appropriately named band from the depths and sweating pool that is New Orleans as all five members were on parole during recording and one member had to leave to go to prison. They bring the southern fried doom on thick.