Top 10 - May/June/July 2020

  1. The real Revolution Summer going on right now with people taking it to the streets
  2. Daniel Sloss – This young, and I mean super young (he might have hit puberty, not sure) Scottish (bless him) comic rips apart our notions of relationships and death while having you laughing your ass off
  3. “Tyll” (Daniel Kehlmann) – An absolute psychedelic trip through magic, war and survival that jumps through time back and forth and leaves you not knowing who or what half the time, just that it’s about a jester during the Thirty Years War in what is now Germany.
  4. RVIVR – Male/female super sing-along punk rock and roll from ex-Latterman that can’t stop listening to
  5. The Upper Crust – I’m angry about a lot of things. I’m angry about the state of the world, the state of my skateboarding abilities, etc. But perhaps more than anything I’m angry that I didn’t think of this. A band that sounds exactly like ACDC but who’s whole persona revolves around being pre-revolution French aristocrats? So glad to have rediscovered them.
  6. Delvon Lamaar Organ Trio – Just get it now.
  7. The jihad on passive voice – I’ve written a lot of documentation recently. A lot. When you write documentation the first inclination is to sound smart. I did this at first because I was unseasoned and unsure, but damn if I didn’t have an amazing editor in the shape of a project manager tear me new ones for what is largely just a lazy and pretentious way of writing.
  8. Technical writing is writing and being grateful for the practice
  9. Run the Jewels – I’ve been waiting about two decades for something like this to come out and make hip hop real for me again. Something with the kick in the gut of Public Enemy and The Bomb Squad. Sure enough on the cusp of the boom-bap revival the ex Goodie Mob and Company Flow combo brings it all from politics to proper psycho-psychedelic stream of consciousness pounded into your brain.
  10. People calling each other again – Although mainly a function of Zoom fatigue, but I swear it’s coming back and has just as much to do with text or messaging fatigue as well. Call someone. I dare you, just pick up the phone and call them. No invite, no ping, nothing. Just call.