Top 10 - Jan 2020

  1. ACDC “Overdose” – There are some things I regret in my life. In fact the list of lists of regrets that I’ve trampled over, hidden from or shoved on hapless others could wrap the equator at least five times over. Top of this list is that I somehow managed to overlook quite easily one of the best rock songs, sorry, one of the best songs ever. I don’t know how I get to sleep at night knowing I haven’t listened to this at least once per week since I was eight or nine years old.
  2. Top 10 lists – I enjoy writing these almost more than anything. I think it’s hilarious how much time I spend thinking about this even. Maybe it’s the mixtape of 2020? Or maybe not. Urn maker to the stars Chris Harvan is now doing a Top 10. So can you. By the way, these things aren’t necessarily new, or any one thing or category, but I guess you figured that out already. Maybe this is the new mixtape. Or something.
  3. Witch “Introduction and In the Past” – Psych-garage rock mayhem straight into your brain from Zambia circa 1974. Make sense of that. I’ll give it a go: some dudes in Zambia heard the Sonics  and James Brown ten years later from someone’s cousin and reckoned they could do better and in many ways totally did. You will not be able to stop listening to this. If you can’t, there is a good chance I won’t like you. Now if that wasn’t enough check out the other [zamrock] band Amanaz who kill it equally well.
  4. Conan O’Brien
  5. “Lake Success” by Gary Shteyngart
  6. Mark Suciu – Any pro skater who not only publicly admits to reading books, but studies literature and speaks about how his Busenitz-channeling-Atchley amazing riding is inspired by Hemingway. Rides for Adidas. Proper man crush. Oh and that hair….
  7. Buses
  8. Zafer Dilek “Oyun Havaları” – This is something your Turkish parents who were potentially actually cool before you were born and ruined their lives might have listened to after the rakı was downed, the tables pushed away and the early middle-aged ragers ripped the dance floor to shreds and your uncle Barış broke at least two glasses and a lamp in the ensuing melee.
  9. The Great Gatsby as critique of soulless capitalism and while becoming a part of the American literature canon for the simple fact that it was sent to US soldiers in friendly format that was not too long and fit in their pockets and mainly free.
  10. Lee Bains and the Glory Fires – More Southern than Punk Rock but a damn heartfelt mix sitting somewhere so comfortably in between