Top 10 - Feb 2021

  1. Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio “I Told You So”
  2. Croissants – Take ‘em how you can get ‘em, frozen, whatever. Self care damnit. Sweet, buttery revenge.
  3. A kid going back to school for even one week
  4. Emailing people you went to school with for the first time in twenty years
  5. Minority Threat (ST) – Amazing African American punk hardcore from none other than the Great State of Ohio. Despite being from Columbus, they are positively ripping, beautifully sloppy and angry as all hell. I love them for the name alone.
  6. The terribly sweet irony of the Big Election Lie being taken down by, that’s right, wait for it… Capitalism. As in shareholder-led corporations suing the fuck out of it. I can seriously taste this one. It’s like a cold beer on a hot day after you’ve just sat down and had a quick coffee in the sun.
  7. Exxon Mobil dropped from the Dow after nearly a century – There are a couple faint glimpses of hope maybe.
  8. Punk Band Reunion At The Wedding – SNL – I’ve dreamed long and hard about dad themed hardcore bands for the past decade. One of them, Mydlyfe Kri$i$ never happened. It was a hardcore band that friends of mine and I were supposed to form when we were 40 and really, and I mean really, pissed off about things like mortgages and our kids. It would have been like this clip which I watch before I go to bed, except without the Suicidal Tendencies breakdown and more Minor Threat obviously.
  9. Anthony Bourdain “A Cook’s Tour” – I tried reading Kitchen Confidential because this is the book that made this chef who I would otherwise hate for his job into the anti-hero we all knew and loved/hated. But what made me a fan and admirer was his writing, his desperate and pissed off post 70’s punk humanism and disdain for what he was doing and yet loving it. Irony isn’t even the word for it. This book is nice. I think a lot of it ended up being TV shows, but he did write well, diving way too deep into the actual food if you ask me, but not as awful as Proust would for instance, and then being terribly, brilliantly, honest about what he sees and feels when he’s in places he thought he understood.
  10. Coffee, tons of fucking coffee because why the fuck not. You can take you cleansing bullshit that will be forgotten in two months somewhere else, I need at least one thing to look forward to a couple of times a day.