Top 10 - December 2020

  1. Ugur Sahin and Ozlem Tureci, the couple behind the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine – Dear Alternative für Deutschland and various other European anti-immigrant parties, especially the British type, you would have kept these sorts of people out and then what? Instead, you have immigration and a couple of Turks to thank for potentially saving millions of lives.
  2. Toast – I know toast appeared in last month’s newsletter in the self care section, but damn is it good. Remember kids, bread is just a vehicle for butter.
  3. Midnight Prey – Solid, rocking 70’s style power rock, proto-metal, also from Germany and also potentially saving humanity. They look super cool and how I should have in high school.
  4. Dave Hill – He ranks above Rory Scovel mainly because he’s from Cleveland and also in loads of bands. He also has the classic Great Lakes stoner-without-really-being-stoner, shrugging fun quips about everything from hanging out in Canada to making black metal even funnier.
  5. Rory Scovel – He’s funny. I don’t know what else to type.
  6. Simon Rich “Hits and misses” – Hilarious, short and easy to read short stories
  7. Evan Wright “Generation Kill – An intense, first-hand and brutally honest look at the lives of the kids, yes, actual kids, most of them aren’t holder than 22, that were sent into Iraq Part II not knowing or even seeming to care why.
  8. Every Little Thing – The new (?) podcast from Gimlet where they just sort of explain things like how potatoes got to be so damn popular
  9. Friday At the Hideout: Boss Detroit Garage 1964–67 (various artists) – Hip-shaking, head swinging, ripping surf and garage tunes from way back when it was
  10. The faint, so ever faint, glimmer of hope that 1–3 grades will go back to school in January