Top 10 - Aug 2022

  1. Having a sauna in the house – My friend Mike has won. Now you know. We all as a species might as well all just hang it up. He’s somehow managed to do it. By it, I don’t mean not really have to work that much, but also have a sauna in his basement where he can sweat it all out to classic rock and give a finger to the world. Ironic perhaps that the only other people who could do this sort of thing are Scandinavian pensioners, but given his Swedish-ish origin, it makes sense.
  2. School funding not based on merit or local tax
  3. Blue Sky Brews CLE and in particular the playlist the one guy in his late 20’s or early 30’s on 10 August which might have saved my life that particular day. Oh sure the cortado was divine, but how often are you in some poncey third wave coffee shop and they play not only the Dead Boys (Cleveland represent) but One Last Wish and Rites of Spring?
  4. Not using air conditioning – Very few in Ohio can pull this off, and I’m definitely tipping my hat to them.
  5. The Hocking Hills Annual Sasquatch Festival
  6. Bob Segar System “Ramblin’ Gamblin’ Man”
  7. “A Visit from the Goon Squad” (Jennifer Egan) – It’s been on my list forever and finally gotten around to diving through the intersecting and overlapping roles and interlinked characters and plots that I generally enjoy but this time found sort of confusing? But regardless each character’s POV chapter is so tightly written it feels like many books slightly melted into one another. Also, there was a chapter which was my favourite chapter perhaps of any book which was from the point of view of a kid and told entirely, unlike the rest of the book, in Powerpoint graphs.
  8. Forest City Brewery CLE is one damn pleasant place to hangout if you’re in the amazingly named Duck Island neighborhood of the West Side of Cleveland, which you guessed it, isn’t even a frikking peninsula much less an island, but more of a bend in the river. Anyhow, there are tons of trees in the massive beer garden and the beer is good. You’re welcome.
  9. Yuengling
  10. SkitSystem “Grå Värld / Svarta Tankar” – The classic D-beat Swedish crust hardcore which sounds about as timeless as it is satisfyingly generic with the added bonus of having members of At the Gates and likely could power a sauna.