Top 10 - April 2021

  1. The Sonics – In theory I should write something about The Sonics, but you really should already know they are one of the best bands, not just best garage rock bands, to ever walk the face of this earth. You should also already know that you need to listen to this and let the party get started.
  2. Snow – It’s April and it snowed maybe just as much as December. This is not a good thing actually, you know with wiping out buds that give us stuff like fruit and crops and that, but still can’t get enough of looking at it.
  3. The Dead Boys – Cleveland’s very own, raw as can be, punk rock and roll is as good as it was in 1977. Or even better.
  4. Sourdough bread
  5. Saxon “Denim and Leather” – This early metal classic is nothing but feathered hair, smoking mag tires burning out the parking lot on the way to buy an eighth and absolutely fist pumping
  6. Middle of the day walks
  7. That first beer after a couple of dry week – It was delicious. Feels like the very first time like Foreigner.
  8. Guitar solos
  9. Operation Ivy – I have no idea where this came from, but still as good as ever
  10. “I Am Not A Monster” – Positively gripping PBS/BBC documentary about the Indiana mom who ended up with her four kids in ISIS

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