Magdalena Festival: “From A to B, From You to Me” (Day 6-7)

Day 6 -7
Everyone was really hammering it down and getting down to work. They started getting down to building the mobile and the stationary joke exchange centre and I was really pleased to see that the students started working on a website to trade jokes, thus completing the system in an unexpected and really nice way. This was especially good in that the site will then hopefully sort of take the project forward.

The ethnographic work was really new for everyone and I think they dealt with it extremely well in the end, even with only one of the students being a Slovenian speaker, but they managed to find nice ways around it, playing up their differences in nice ways and using the fact they were all from different and neighbouring countries to an advantage,  especially with the political bent of the second project.

The second project exchanging signatures for territory also took on a great twist with linking up handing over the signatures to the parliament in Zagreb, Croatia. I’m really excited to see the completed work today, and will post all the videos and reportage as well as a summary of whats been going down here.