I don't believe you give a damn about my Christmas

So the holidays have finally wound to their usual fluttering anticlimax and you and in those tumultuous weeks leading up to endless cheer you and I have received no less than 5466 emails wishing us a Happy and Merry Christmas and Belated Secular Solstice New Year-ish holiday. Emails.
While I can understand the marketing logic of “staying in touch” and promoting your brand at every and any available opportunity, and exploiting lame excuses to send me an email in the interest of inflating the importances of your small companies email marketing programme, its not really appreciated.

You see I don’t believe you. No one does. You don’t care. You’re a company and just because I signed up for your app two years ago doesn’t mean I’m going to feel all warm and fuzzy inside you’ve now crept back into my life and make me think better of you.

What will make me think better of you is not thinking of you. If it was a matter of “here’s our thing, use it and we’ll leave you alone,” that to me would be amazing customer brand value. Invisibility. The “it just works” bit. What works is leaving people alone.