How to handle The News

I promise you, this is probably one of the only ‘hacks’ or ‘advice’ things I’ll put here. I mean, I really promise. Pinky promise even. But this one is way more important than telling you about how many hours I spend rearranging files and text editor things for Ultimate X3000 Productivity. You’re going to have to trust me on this. It will change your life.

One time I was over my cousin’s house. We got to talking about this and that and he asked why I don’t live in America anymore. I said one of the reasons was kids and the whole school shooting and guns thing among others. He had no idea what I was talking about. I then asked, “Why? Don’t you read the news ever? It’s everywhere these damn school shootings.”

He still had no idea what I was talking about and replied, “I don’t watch the news, read it, nothing. The weather when we go windsurfing or skiing. That’s it.”

Oh bless your sweet little face. But it’s the truth. He didn’t and he went on to explain, quite rightly so that:

1. He could do nothing about anything on the news

2. It was super depressing

3. All of the above except even more

It was mind blowing. I already had enough of it myself but after that I decided, despite the Brexit shambles that is the country I spent the prime of my life in, I would just give up as well.

So you ask me, “Jim, how do you keep current? How do you keep abreast of when something is super important or not?” The answer my friends is simple.

Look at the cover of newspapers. The cheaper and more reactionary the better. If the cover has a celebrity, the world is statistically less likely to be engulfed in flames that day.

Done. You’re welcome.