Don't Write About Writing.

Writing should not suck. Reading should be like a beer after a shit day at work, a quick, complete respite from drudgery. Stories shouldn’t be painful. Smash the glass menageries and hang the high school literature teacher. We’ve been taught for generations what’s good has to be long, obscure and painful to read. The number of pages you churn doesn’t equal greatness, it equals alienation. Have fun and so will they. If you’re going to be serious, keep it short and sharp and someone just might listen. If you’re going to be long, make them not believe its over already. If you’re mom doesn’t recognise you in it, you’re probably lying to us, and worse, yourself. For chrissake, don’t write about writing. Write about cars, babies, trees or even about movies no one really cares about. Sing about a comic book or build a treehouse to a novel. Don’t bury writing in more words. Make me laugh, make me cry, just make me not want to put it down.