No sieges in Belfast hopefully anytime soon

would like to think that I’ve stumbled into a new title as “conflict designer” but this would be slighly presumptious and basically wrong since I don’t design conflicts, but have done things to actually address them. So sure enough, after Rwanda, bits of ex-Yugoslavia and the Ukraine, I’m now going to the same country I already live in, but the bit of it that nobody likes to think about where conflict has been the rule it seems rather than the exception.

I’ll be at the European Association of History Educators annual conference “Reimagining Remembrance” in Belfast next week and talking about designing for understanding and hopefully learning from history, liveability and designing for reading and how the story of the cannons and croissants turned into a platform that hopefully some history educators will be able to use to help kids learn from our past.

So what did happen to the Gates of Vienna you ask? Well its now a book on a platform, and the platform is called Bastion.

You can read a way too short bit about how two years of Fridays turned into sort of a separate thing here.

So now I’m working on the stuff that has made The Gates of Vienna possible for hopefully more books and wide stories to explore. That does mean a bit less time working on The Gates of Vienna exclusively though, but part of the goal though is that it will have this amazing publishing platform to put it out on, which will make this comedy about a 17th century siege even better.