Everything today, from how we pay for the bus to what we read, is increasingly interconnected in massive systems we don't really understand, and we're increasingly finding ourselves on the losing side of the technology equation. How our lives fit into these technologies and systems is often thought of last, if at all. This is what I'm trying to fix.

Interaction design and technology should be like a good book, something you could curl up with or something that makes you miss a stop on the bus.


I grew up in a family of engineers but somehow ended up in art school.

Since then, I've been working on everything from design research for mobile devices to snowboard graphics. As a producer, manager, consultant, researcher and designer, I've worked for and with a wide range of people including Horizon Digital Economy Research, various NGOs and governmental units, Samsung Design Europe, Microsoft Research, The British Music Experience, Playfish EA Games, Google and Intel.

What I do, whether working with genocide survivors in Rwanda, European retirees or London skateboarders, is about making this whole modern mess that is design, technology and services livable and meaningful.  I'm especially good at designing for difficult situations like mass graves, product managing across four time zones, smith grinds, making salad and heavy metal trivia.

Oh yeah, about the name, still trying to figure that one out...

- Jim Kosem


22 May 2017 - Digital Heritage ‘Big’ Data Hacking and Visualisation (London, UK)

16 Mar 2017 - The North London Literature Festival (London, UK)

11 Nov 2016 - FutureLearn (London, UK)

22 Jun 2016 - St Mary’s University (Twickenham, UK)

21 Mar 2016 - 23rd EUROCLIO Annual Conference: “Reimagining Remembrance” (Belfast, NI)

22 May 2015 - Google (London, UK)

30 Nov 2011 - MEX (London, UK)

18 Oct 2011 - The Ukrainian Ministry of Education (Kiev, UKR)

27 Jun 2011 - The Council of Europe (Strasbourg, FR)

9 May 2011 - Microsoft Research (Cambridge, UK)

29 Mar 2011 - European Union Parliament (Brussels, BE)

13 May 2010 - Magdalena Festival (Maribor, SLO)

4 Dec 2009 - The Council (Brussels, BE)


If you're interested in me talking at your tech event, naval ship launch, punk rock book launch or Balkan grilling event, get in touch.