I'm an author and designer, who is fascinated with how people and places work.

I grew up in a family of engineers but somehow ended up in art school. Since then I've collaborated with research teams, museums, international organisations and the largest companies in technology bringing narrative and immersive experiences to life.

And I’m helping artists, designers and innovators stand on top of the world to shout at the heavens.

I’m writing another interactive comedy, this time about trolls and black metal.

I grew up in the Rustbelt as a child of the Balkans. I’m an immigrant for the third time and counting.

I split my time between London, Istanbul, Ljubljana and Cleveland.

I can’t stop skateboarding.

I believe comedy is trauma's worst enemy.

My spirit guides are largely not interaction designers.

I love email because it can be really good writing. Also, its yours and mine, and it works. Always. So please write me.

There is a coat hook in my mom’s house in suburban Cleveland, Ohio. Its made from cow horns, bronzed with age, with two black, wrought iron hooks protruding from the front. It is at least 75 years old. It is from Dol pri Ljubljani, Slovenia. It is from the farmhouse that was taken away from my grandfather along with his business and the lives of a number of his children.

He went back to the house after all this, knocked on the door and told the new occupants of his house that all he wanted was his damn coat hook back.

Design is the stories through which we live our lives.

Shoot straight,
Speak the truth.

- Jim Kosem


22 May 2017 - Digital Heritage ‘Big’ Data Hacking and Visualisation (London, UK)

16 Mar 2017 - The North London Literature Festival (London, UK)

11 Nov 2016 - FutureLearn (London, UK)

22 Jun 2016 - St Mary’s University (Twickenham, UK)

21 Mar 2016 - 23rd EUROCLIO Annual Conference: “Reimagining Remembrance” (Belfast, NI)

22 May 2015 - Google (London, UK)

30 Nov 2011 - MEX (London, UK)

18 Oct 2011 - The Ukrainian Ministry of Education (Kiev, UKR)

27 Jun 2011 - The Council of Europe (Strasbourg, FR)

9 May 2011 - Microsoft Research (Cambridge, UK)

29 Mar 2011 - European Union Parliament (Brussels, BE)

13 May 2010 - Magdalena Festival (Maribor, SLO)

4 Dec 2009 - The Council (Brussels, BE)


If you're interested in me talking at your tech event, naval ship launch, punk rock book launch or Balkan grilling event, get in touch.